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Why are some students better at Quidditch than others?

There are lots of talented Quidditch players at Hogwarts. Yet, why are some students better at the famous wizarding sport than others? From natural talent to sheer hard work, we think about the answer to this question…

Like most sports, a lot of the reason why some Hogwarts students are better at Quidditch than others is down to talent. Some are naturally gifted, like Harry, while others find it is not really their thing, like Hermione. 

Sometimes Quidditch ability seems to run in families. Both Harry and his dad were very talented Seekers. The Weasleys also had their fair share of Quidditch players. Not only were Fred and George Beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but their older brother Charlie had been the team captain. In fact, he was so talented that Oliver Wood thought he might have been able to play for England – if he hadn’t been too busy chasing dragons. And they might not have been the only talented members of this magical family… 

Another thing that makes some students better at Quidditch that others is confidence on a broomstick. As you see from Harry’s first flying lesson with Madam Hooch, not everyone had a natural way with them. When the class had to stick out their right hands and shout ‘Up!’, Harry’s broomstick was one of the few to respond to the command. Hermione’s simply rolled over, and Neville’s didn’t move at all. So, confidence when handling a broom is very important.   

Practice also makes perfect. There’s a reason Oliver Wood made the Gryffindor team work so hard, he wanted them to be the very best. Yes, they might not have always been thrilled with all the extra training sessions, but it certainly paid off. 

Really, Quidditch is a lot like any other sport. It takes a combination of talent, dedication, practice and confidence to become an excellent player. Some Hogwarts students have a passion for it and others simply prefer other activities.