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How do you cast a spell over everyday games?

Forget Wizard's chess, we teach you how to play Wizard's Hangman, Harry Potter Bingo, and Snitches and Lightning Bolts...

Who wants to play a game? From Wizard's chess to Gobstones, witches and wizards have a lot of choice when it comes to indoor games. To keep you busy and entertained, we’ve thought about some everyday games you might be playing at home. Here are a few ideas to make them a little bit more magical…

Wizard’s Hangman

You might have heard of the word game Hangman. In the wizard version, you won’t be drawing a stick figure, you’ll be drawing a stick-wizard on a broomstick:

  • Player one thinks of a word – try to make sure it features in the Harry Potter books!

  • Player one draws dashes at the bottom of a piece of paper. The dashes represent the number of letters in the word

  • The other players try to guess the letters of the word. Only one letter per turn!

  • If a letter is guessed and it belongs in the word, player one must write the letter on top of the correct dash

  • If a letter is incorrect, then draw a line to start on your stick-wizard

  • If each part of the stick-wizard and broomstick is completed before the word is guessed – they fly away and player one wins the game

Tips for drawing your stick-wizard on a broomstick

  • Start with the broomstick. Draw one line for the handle and three smaller lines for the twigs. Make sure it’s floating in the air!

  • The stick-wizard must sit on the broomstick

  • The final detail of the stick-wizard is their wand. Don’t forget!

Harry Potter Bingo: Philosopher’s Stone Edition

Harry Potter Bingo Card

If you’re reading the first Harry Potter book, this is the game for you.

  • Copy the bingo card we’ve provided above. Use a ruler to draw the squares and then write one word into each square

  • Whilst you’re reading the book, keep an eye out for the words that appear on your bingo card

  • When you find one, draw a line through the square that contains the word you’ve discovered

  • If you manage to cross out all your squares, shout, BINGO! or DUMBLEDORE, if you prefer…

  • If you want to play again, why not ask a member of your household to draw a new bingo card and fill it with new words!

Snitches & Lightning Bolts

Have you ever played the logic game, noughts & crosses? Well, Snitches & Lightning Bolts is almost exactly the same. But instead of drawing a cross you draw a lightning bolt – just like the one Harry has on his head. And instead of a nought, you draw a Snitch. Here’s how to play:

  • This is a two-player game

  • Draw two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, creating a grid with nine squares. Make sure the lines are far enough apart!

  • Choose who is going to draw lightning bolts and who is going to draw Snitches.

  • Each player takes it in turns to draw a lightning bolt or Snitch in an empty square.

  • To win, you must make a line of lightning bolts or Snitches. The line can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Drawing tips:

  • For the lightning bolt, remember that it is zigzag-shaped.

  • For the Snitch, start by drawing a small circle and then adding a wing on each side.

  • Don’t worry too much about getting them exactly right, it’s the magical thought that counts!