Borgin and Burkes


Are you ready to explore the darker side of the wizarding world? Then let's talk about Borgin and Burkes – the most infamous shop on Knockturn Alley.

Borgin and Burkes is a dark and mysterious store filled with all sorts of sinister objects, from cursed necklaces to vanishing cabinets. It's the go-to place for witches and wizards who have a taste for the dark arts. The shop's owner, Mr Borgin, is a shady character who's always on the lookout for rare and valuable magical items, and he’s not above dealing with dark witches and wizards either! Did you know Draco Malfoy’s father is a regular patron at Borgin and Burkes?

Although sketchy witches and wizards are frequent visitors, you don’t have to be one to buy something from Mr Borgin's shop. The store has plenty of items that are just creepy or curious!