Wizard's Chess


Just like Muggles, witches and wizards often like to pass the time playing games. One of the most popular games among adults and Hogwarts students alike is wizard chess. But how does their version of chess compare to ours?

Much like Muggle chess, wizard chess is a two-player board game of strategy and logic with a lot of different pieces. However, wizard chess pieces have been enchanted to move all by themselves. Once their player has decided where they want their pieces to go, the chessmen scurry over to that position on the board. If a rival piece is occupying that same spot, they'll be attacked – rather dramatically – and forced to give up their place to their attacker.

Because they're alive, the pieces will sometimes offer advice to the players on which moves to make or even argue about their instructions out of mistrust. Ron Weasley is particularly fond of the game, teaching Harry how to play over the Christmas holidays.