The Ministry of Magic


Established in 1707, the Ministry of Magic governs the British wizarding community. Their main job is to keep Muggles from finding out about witches and wizards. They have a number of other responsibilities, such as regulating magical travel, Muggle artefacts, magical sports, and more. 

The Ministry is headed by one important figure: the Minister for Magic. There have been many Ministers throughout history, including Ulik Gamp and Eldritch Diggory. Albus Dumbledore was offered the position of Minister of Magic, but the job ended up going to Cornelius Fudge. He often used owls to ask Dumbledore for advice on the big decisions he had to make. 

The Ministry is a dark building with many floors, featuring a large fountain with beautiful gold statues and glittering jets of water. Located just beneath London, the Ministry of Magic can be accessed through an old telephone box – just don't tell the Muggles!